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Civil War Medical Museum

Celina Russell

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The Spirit Search Paranormal Investigations Team captured a mysterious photograph of a spherical apparition. Photo courtesy of Spirit Search Paranormal Investigations.

The Civil War Medical Museum located in Gordonsville, va, was used as many types of shelters in the past. From 1860 to 1862 it served as a cozy place for desperate travelers to get a warm meal and rest, from 1862 and during the civil war it served as a hospital to treat severe wounds who in that time, most soldiers would sadly die from. At the end of the civil war and into the Reconstruction Period this building was used as a healthcare and educational compound for freed slaves, later on it would become a complex for private homes in the 1940’s. Finally in 1971 it became the property of Historic Gordonsville inc. where it became what it is today; a place where tourists visit to learn about our history on the civil war and possibly encounter ghosts…

There have been several paranormal investigations done in this house all of which have concluded that this house has multiple spirits residing within these walls.  The most commonly seen ghost apparition is Emma, a little girl who is frequently photographed and found all over the premises. Another apparition the has been seen numerous times is a shadow person who walks the melancholy halls. The final spirit is a little boy who worked in the civil war hospital and the story goes that he couldn’t handle all the death filled environment and he ended up hanging himself from one of the second story windows.

The Civil War Medical Museum is currently open to the public and you can see all sorts of interesting artifacts, including spirits from beyond the grave…

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