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From left to right a picture of Finn Shelby, Ada Shelby, John Shelby, Thomas “Tommy” Shelby, Polly “Aunt Pol” Shelby, Michael Gray and Arthur Shelby.

From left to right a picture of Finn Shelby, Ada Shelby, John Shelby, Thomas “Tommy” Shelby, Polly “Aunt Pol” Shelby, Michael Gray and Arthur Shelby. Source:

Andrea Abney, Writer

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This British, drama, mafia series first aired on Netflix in 2013 and was created by Steven Knight. The show is based on the mafia group with the same name that was active from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. The series has four seasons which include six, fifty to hour-long episodes that are set in Birmingham, England after World War I.
In the show, The Peaky Blinders sew razor blades into their caps to use on their enemies to make them become blind. The family resorts to betrayal, murder and making alliances with other crime bosses to climb up the criminal ladder.
Thomas “Tommy” Shelby is the second oldest child of the family who is the leader of the Peaky Blinders. He, Curly, who is Tommy’s friend, John and Arthur all fought in World War I. As a result, Tommy has nightmares that the Germans’ shovels are digging into the tunnels that him and the other British soldiers made. Tommy tends to keep almost everyone else out until he falls for a barmaid during season one.
Ada Shelby, the only sister in the family, is the only one that is not associated with Peaky Blinders. During season one, she had a secret affair with communist Freddie Thorne. The two of them get married and have a son named Karl who is named after Karl Marx. She refuses to be associated with the family’s crime enterprise.
Arthur Shelby Jr. is the oldest of the four brothers. Alongside Tommy he also served in World War I. After Arthur came home from the war which causes him to have PTSD and suicidal attempts. He is also one of the leaders of the Peaky Blinders.
John Shelby is the second youngest brother of the family. He stays more to himself than the other brothers. He also fought in the war alongside Tommy, Curly and Arthur Jr. During season two he begins to speak up for himself more.
This show had a slow beginning during season one, but as I continued to watch more episodes the more interesting it became. There is a lot of corruption, betrayal and tough love in this series. The actors play their role perfectly in the show. If you’re a person that loves to watch mafia or crime related shows then this Netflix series is perfect for you. 

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