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Freshman Fears


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Starting freshman year can be intimidating. You have new things you have to get used to and higher expectations you have to reach in high school.

Many incoming freshman are scared to be starting the new year too. One fear freshman share is getting lost. New school means new hallways and classes to figure out. It may take a while to memorized what seems like a maze but carrying a map might help, even though it seems nerdy. Another tip is to ask a teacher or upperclassmen to help you find your classes.

Speaking of upperclassmen, that is another common fear that freshman have. I know it may be alarming to be walking the halls with six-foot giants and some with full grown beards but it isn’t as scary as it sounds.

Being in a new school and having new classes can drift friendships apart. It’s extra hard to keep up being friends if you don’t have any classes together. One way to help stay in touch is social media, sitting with each other at lunch or hanging out on the weekends.

Unfortunately you might not have any of your friends in some classes, so that means you have to make some friends which is another thing that freshman fear. If you aren’t a social butterfly like some students then making friends could be a little bit harder.

Getting a mean teacher can scare some freshman’s as well. Teachers get more and more strict as you get older. Elementary school was probably a breeze. In middle school you get more teachers so chances are one of them is probably on the meaner side. In high school teachers are even more strict about late papers and making up tests and work. You have to be more responsible because teachers won’t hunt you down to make work up if you missed a day. Some teachers give more work depending on the class. If you start to not do/turn in work then grades could start to suffer.


My freshman year is almost over and I can honestly say that it went by faster than I expected it to. I hope the next three years don’t go by this fast! Remember, the faster you get over your fears the sooner you can enjoy your four short years in high school.

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