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Easter Candy Taste Test


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  Every holiday there is new limited edition candy, and it is no different for Easter. Every candy company comes out with cute- improved packaging and the shelves of convenience stores are filled with the seasonal veterans, Robin’s Eggs and Cadbury Eggs. The flavors range from good old chocolate bunnies to cotton candy flavored peeps. So, I decided to pick up some of the newest Easter themed candy for 2016 and put my taste buds to the test.


  Here are the results: I was super impressed and so was the second taste tester. Some of the candy was just the regular candy with a new- easter ish name but the majority was new, off-the-wall flavors. So let’s start with what I picked out first, Strawberry Shortcake M&M’s. These M&M’s are exclusive to Target and in my opinion, if you like strawberry or any dessert in the world, go pick these up. The flavor is spot on, I felt like I was eating a little strawberry shortcake. The packaging wasn’t very festive, but M&M’s got it right with the flavor.


  The next place I went to in search of candy was Walgreens. The place was flooded with new, limited edition candy and it was all really easy to find, unlike Walmart and Target. The first thing I spotted was Sweet and Sour Starbursts and Skittles, new for Spring, not necessarily for Easter. If you love sour candy, you’ll go crazy for these. I was super impressed with how they packed so much sour in these little candies. The stand out flavor from the Starbursts was sweet blackberry. Don’t get me wrong, sour apple and sour cherry packed a punch of sour, they just weren’t as unique as blackberry. The flavor was out of this world and I’d buy another bag of those just for the one flavor. In the Skittles, All the flavors except sour cherry, which I thought tasted a little like cough syrup at first, rocked my taste buds. The flavors were really different from all other Skittle flavors, even sweet mandarin, my favorite. Unlike some of the Starburst flavors, I felt like all of the Skittles weren’t repeat flavors with new names.


  Starburst also launched a new Spring Mix, just for Easter. The packaging was simple, yet cute, but some of the flavors were a dud. The strawberry flavor was just original strawberry and pina colada was another gross repeat. But the other two flavors, sunny citrus and cherry kiwi splash, were stand outs, I don’t really care for artificial cherry flavor that’s in most candies, but I loved this Starburst. The flavor is really unique and they nailed it. Sunny citrus is different from just plain orange and I can’t quite put my finger on it. It has a tangy of clementine or tangerine, that helped make it brighter and yummier.


  I wanted to get something odd, something I thought would be gross. So I looked at the creme filled chocolate eggs. I picked out the three flavors I thought would be the foulest: mango, lime, and pineapple filled eggs. I was shocked when I really liked these eggs. The mango had the most subtle flavor, but I think Cadbury wanted that, because mango and dark chocolate don’t quite go together like two peas in a pod. The best one by far was the lime. It tasted like key lime pie filling inside the milk chocolate egg and the flavors went together harmoniously. I didn’t really care for the pineapple because the texture was really off and chunky. I didn’t think that the flavors went together really well either. The packaging was pretty, but not super easterish.


  One candy I thought was very festive was the Bunny Grass Twizzlers that were green apple flavored. The packaging was really cute with twizzler bunny and birds, but I like the way they marketed it as bunny food. The green apple flavor wasn’t overpowering and it tasted like actual Twizzlers too.


  Another Easter staple are peeps, my favorite candy as a kid. I was so excited about the new cotton candy flavor that is exclusive to Walgreen’s, but the flavor let me down. The packaging is adorable,but not easterish. The peeps were sugar coated light pink with bright blue specks on them. When I took a bite, I thought it was just a normal peep. There was the slightest bit of cotton candy in the flavor but I was really let down.


  Last, but not least was Three Musketeers Marshmallow. Now, you’re probably thinking, “ Isn’t Three Musketeers filled with marshmallow?” No, it’s just normally a marshmallow- like chocolate mousse and these are regular marshmallow. To my surprise, I really like them. Simple but different and you can taste the difference. The packaging was again like the candy: cute, but simple.
  All in all, I really enjoyed my taste test of all the Easter candy. I was also pleasantly surprised by all of the candies I really loved and would purchase again. Only a few I was really disappointed in: The peeps, some of the Starbursts and the Cadbury pineapple creme chocolate egg. The rest I would most definitely recommend for those of you with a major sweet tooth and have an addiction to candy.

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