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Why Eating A Plant Based Diet Isn’t As Crazy As It Seems


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  I used to love eating steak and chicken and I always used to say I could never be vegetarian. Well, here I am, writing an article on why you should eat a plant based diet and skip the meat. To most people going vegan or vegetarian seems like a death wish, when really eating meat is. It’s not just to save the animals but to help the planet and to live a long healthy life.

  Cow farming is the number one pollutant to the Earth and if you don’t believe me, go watch Cowspiracy, a popular Netflix documentary on meat production. Cow manure is in runoff, that flows into rivers, then into oceans, which causes dead zones. A dead zone is a part of the ocean where there is little oxygen in the water and fish can’t survive in it. Lots of fish die trying to escape the dead zone and suffocate. Dead zones are also increasing in numbers, more and more being discovered each year. Farming cattle also requires too much land and destroys the land. Native wild species lose their homes to cattle ranches and are forced into the suburbs. Our planet doesn’t harbor enough resources for us to keep raising livestock. They eat tons of corn, that could be in our food instead, and drink tons of water, that we will soon run out of. Resources can be depleted and that is what is happening to our planet.

  Not to mention, the way animals on these huge industrial farms are being treated. I bet you didn’t know cows only produce milk when they have calves, just like humans. Calves are ripped away from their mothers right at birth and are fed formula and antibiotics. Then we drink that antibiotic filled milk. What does that do to our bodies? Male baby chicks get ground up by the egg industry since they cannot produce eggs. Then their corpses are thrown in trash bags

  Being vegan or vegetarian lowers the risk of becoming susceptible to a multitude of chronic diseases. High blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes will no longer be an issue. In some studies even, meat has been linked to cancer and high cholesterol. People who have plant based diets also tend to lose weight and are slimmer.                                    

  I’m not saying you have to become vegan or vegetarian, but if this bothers you like it did me, you should consider it. I had gone 17 years being okay with this and turning my head the other way. Eating only a plant based diet is a choice and you shouldn’t feel forced to change because of my opinion.

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