Gone without a Goodbye

The Letter

Rachel Frankenreiter, staff writer

A week ago, everything was fine. Our football team, as usual, was first in state. No one could defeat us, or him. Caleb King was the heart of the team just about, but he excelled in other things. He had one of the highest GPA’s this school had ever seen. He did everything effortlessly. So how come in just one week he disappeared? Some say it was the pressure, but who can be completely sure? All I knew was that i was going to find out. I’m Kayleigh, and I at one time was his best friend, as usual the case being people change but it was me that switched. I’m cheerleading captain and I never paid much attention to Caleb until our team lost the first game this year. I asked around and everyone says Caleb hasn’t been to practice in the past week. He’s usually committed to the game. I remember when we were five we would argue over what to watch on Thanksgiving, a holiday both our parents took pride in celebrating. He wanted to watch the annual football game, I was set on the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade. He moved in next door when i was three, but that was fourteen years ago. Now Thanksgiving was coming up and he wouldn’t be here. I remember him saying the pressure was too much sometimes, including his never ending argument with the running back, who also happens to be my boyfriend. “It’s hard to be on a team when the people who are supposed to have your back are the ones you need protection from” That’s what caleb always said when it came to Danny. I never understood their hatred for each other. Anyways, it was slow at first. He would miss a class here and there and a few practices but then he started skipping out on church circle, then his boss called me asking why Caleb hadn’t shown up at work. I told him he was probably sick and that I’d check up on him. I knocked on the King’s front door and his mom answered. She said that caleb went driving and he’d be home soon. I insisted on waiting but she said it was late and i had to go home. As i walked out the driveway i tripped and knocked over their recycling bin, i went to pick up the papers and i found an early admission letter to Stanford. How could he not tell me about this? More importantly, how could he leave without saying goodbye?