Boys Basketball Season Preview

Kariah White, Editor

Victor O’neill
Photo courtesy of Victor O’Neill Photography.

This year’s varsity basketball team has 14 players, with their coach Mr. Ainsworth. This year the team manager is Brandy Waller. One of the challenges the players are facing is playing a full 32 minutes well-rounded to the best of their ability. They have routine practices monday through sunday. They start with warm ups and then began drills. Ending practice with working on their plays and defense. The team is all about team bonding before every game they get together and pray. The basketball players are always there for each other and stick together no matter what. Before a game they always warm up together and hype each other up in the locker room and get pumped for the game. Their playing schedule is really good, and play all teams that they are able to play. This year the want the team to be solid. Dallas wood says “He just wants everyone to respect the team for who they are.” The basketball team wants everyone to come out and support them this year.