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The Newest Knights

LeAnn Scrogham, Staff Writer

October 4, 2017

Filed under Knight Life

The school year is back, and most of the students are getting settled back into the high school experience, but what about the freshmen? The newest editions to the Spotsy knights have made their way into high school and are he...

5 Minutes with Shane Holladay

Faith Sterna, Reporter

May 10, 2016

Filed under Entertainment, Knight Life

The questions I asked Shane, are not your typical interview questions and all questions asked are common interview questions for huge companies like Google. I definitely put Shane to the test with these bizarre questions, but th...

Freshman Fears

April 5, 2016

Filed under Knight Life, Opinion & Editorial

Starting freshman year can be intimidating. You have new things you have to get used to and higher expectations you have to reach in high school. Many incoming freshman are scared to be starting the new year too. One fear...

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