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Why Eating A Plant Based Diet Isn’t As Crazy As It Seems

Faith Sterna, Reporter

May 12, 2016

Filed under Opinion & Editorial

  I used to love eating steak and chicken and I always used to say I could never be vegetarian. Well, here I am, writing an article on why you should eat a plant based diet and skip the meat. To most people going vegan or v...

Freshman Fears

April 5, 2016

Filed under Knight Life, Opinion & Editorial

Starting freshman year can be intimidating. You have new things you have to get used to and higher expectations you have to reach in high school. Many incoming freshman are scared to be starting the new year too. One fear...

Easter Candy Taste Test

Faith Sterna, Reporter

February 26, 2016

Filed under Features, Food & Crafts, News & Features Archives, Opinion & Editorial, Top Stories

    Every holiday there is new limited edition candy, and it is no different for Easter. Every candy company comes out with cute- improved packaging and the shelves of convenience stores are filled with the seasonal ve...

Teen Voices

Teen Voices

May 7, 2015

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