The Newest Knights

LeAnn Scrogham, Staff Writer

The school year is back, and most of the students are getting settled back into the high school experience, but what about the freshmen? The newest editions to the Spotsy knights have made their way into high school and are here to stay, so let’s get to know our fellow classmates and see how they’re handling their freshmen year so far.

Morgan Rodgers is one of the many new faces here at Spotsy. When asked Is high school exactly what you thought it would be like, She replied “It’s not what I expected. They make it seem a lot harder in the movies it’s actually a lot easier than I thought it would be.” In an interview with Makayla Scott, she said “ I’m looking forward to homecoming, and hanging out with my friends and having fun.” And as we all know at the beginning of freshmen year we all set goals for ourselves and Jocelyn Bridges goals are“ to make good grades and to pass every test.” So it seems like the freshman class of 2017 are really doing well so far and enjoying high school and the future to come.

If there is one thing a freshmen needs to be successful in high school its, advice. And where better to get advice than from upper classmen. Sophomore Maggie Harold had some advice for all freshmen to hear, “Stay focused and always remember to keep your friends close.” The biggest piece of advice for the freshmen is that friends are the most important thing you could have in high school. Its very hard to find good friends, so when you have make sure to keep them by your side. So whether you’re a worried freshmen or a freshmen ready to take on the world, Welcome to Spotsy High.