Fall Fashion


Natalie wearing cute comfy fall outfit.

Ayarri Minor, Staff Writer

Let’s talk about the Fall, the air gets crisp,the leaves start to change colors and gracefully falling to the ground. That’s when you know the best season of all is here…Fall! But there’s one issue, you know the one when you have to take all your beautiful summer clothes, put them in a box and send them on their way on a 6 month vacation. I know depressing, but I’m going to tell you about three bomb Fall outfits you can never go wrong with. Welcome to year 2017-18 Fall Fashion.
First, a comfortable outfit for those lazy days. A snug outfit would be like boots, a comfy sweater, and some nice dark jeans. Boots are a huge part this Fall, particularly thigh high boots and ankle booties. Don’t worry about the type of boots, every pair of boots go well with a pair of jeans. Or you can even wear a pair of Birkenstocks. A comfy sweater, can even include sweatshirts. Neutral and dark colored sweaters/sweatshirts are very Fall oriented.
Second, a flannel is a must have essential for the Fall. Flannel outfits look so put together but they’re really not. You can throw on a graphic shirt underneath your flannel and not button it up to show of your graphic. To pair with your outfit you can wear distressed jeans,or in my opinion black distressed pants would look boss. And to tie the outfit all together with some Vans or Converse. If you don’t like flannels or don’t have one an alternative would be a windbreaker. There you go, a sweet flannel outfit for the Fall.
Third, a super Fall outfit would be a cardigan, jeans, and a scarf. This a super Fall outfit because it warm for those chilly days. Cardigans are really soft and comfortable to wear all day. Cardigans are affordable and can be paired with almost any outfit. Pair your cardigan with jeans, boots, and scarf. Wear your boots with long socks with lace at the top for some pizzaz.

Now you’re ready for the Fall.