Sprawling into Volleyball


Photo courtesy of Victor O'Neill Photography.

Kariah White, Staff Writer/Editor

       Mrs. Melissa Tignor has been a Volleyball Coach 4 years, but this is her third year as a varsity coach. She grew up playing Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball, so she has always had an interest in sports. She continued playing Volleyball throughout college. She wanted to stay in contact with those sports. She wanted to help young athletes learn to enjoy sports just like she did. She says at tryouts this year there was “a very competitive group of girls”. Everyone was scored on their skills in various categories. They were scored on the attitude, leadership, ability to work with others on and off the court. The team is really good at trusting each other, and depending on each other. Right now the team is working on trying to improve communication on the court. They want to be able to pass the ball to someone with hesitation.
        This year there are 13 players on the varsity team: Kailey Dildine (senior), Amaya Archie (senior), Brookelynn Jarvis (senior), Lanie Reid (senior), Sydney Coffman (junior), Kamber Jackson (junior), Melissa Alsop (junior), Hannah Jones (junior), Emma Dixon (junior), Olyvia Myers (sophomore), Paige Dildine (sophomore) , Karley Jarvis (sophomore), and Taylor Boggs (sophomore). The Volleyball team is all about team bonding, they play mini competitive games. They play relays/games and the objective is to get the girls to meet and get to know each other. Also they always eat together as a family before each game. Victories are always a goal from the team. When winning a game on a Thursday they get to have the next day of practice off to get refreshed. Coach Tignor believes with the skill level and dedication of the team this year they can win or at least be competitive in every game. They want to go far in the regional competition. Right now the volleyball team is 3-1.