Athlete of the Month


Reporter Daisha Spiece handing Wade his certificate for “Athlete of the Month”

Daisha Spiece, Staff Writer

   Wade Kincaid, a 17 year old here at Spotsy High, has made drastic changes to better himself as a football player. Last year, Wade wasn’t a starter for the team but, “the past does not define who you are today”, said Coach Jack. Wade certainly proved Coach Jack to be correct, for he is now a starter and was also graded out in the top two offensive lineman just in the first two games.

    The football team has had an unsuccessful program for the past few years, along with three different head coaches. With new coaches comes new strategies and Wade easily fit into the new ways of doing things with no questions asked and no looking back. The coaches look for dedication and commitment to the team from the players. Wade showed them a tremendous amount of work effort and he committed himself to become a better player.  Through doing what he was told and giving it all of the potential he has he has proved himself and earned the starting position that he has.

    Along with mentally preparing for this season, the coaches noticed an improvement in him physically. Wade has worked on and off season to stay in shape and become stronger. He has specifically worked on lifting because of his position as an offensive lineman. “He became a much stronger athlete as a result”, said Coach Jack. Wade has definitely come a long way and made his coaches proud of the football player he has become. He not only improved personally but he will help the football team improve as a whole.