Field Hockey on the Rise


Coach Williams addresses the team during practice. Photo courtesy of Victor O'Niell Photography.

Natalie Swink, staff writer

     Our school’s field hockey team certainly knows the meaning of hard work. Coach Williams has said that the team has gained a lot of confidence from last season to this season. She also stated that they have a better understanding of what kind of hard work it takes to be a successful team. For example this year they are scoring on teams they previously could not score on. Also, they are competing against highly ranked teams in the state; coach Williams thinks that with this effort they can go far this year.

       When asked coach Williams said she thought the toughest competition for the Spotsy high field hockey team, she said James Monroe. “Toughest competition will be JM hands down the strongest team currently in the state,”  said Williams. During the playoffs, the Spotsy high field hockey team will only have experience with two of the teams they have to play. Williams believes that this will be beneficial since they do not have any history with the majority of the teams.  “At times our confidence against teams we used to play and struggle against greatly holds us back.” Also, she said, “playing against all new teams in the playoffs will diminish that mindset, and we will hopefully use that to our advantage.”

    The team leaders on the Spotsy high Varsity field hockey team this year consist of, Alexis Colonna, Ashleeann Stacy, Brittney Napier, Maddy Jones, and Sophie Sperry. “They are truly incredible leaders on and off the field and do an amazing job of setting the standard high for the Spotsy hockey program.” All four of those ladies have been a part of the Spotsy high field hockey program all four years of their high school careers. Williams also included that a new senior Kayci Christoforatos has done a good job of setting the bar high for herself, and her team. “These athletes are constantly the spirit of the program and are always willing to help others as well as do a tremendous job staying successful and on task in the classroom.”

    The future’s looking bright for the Spotsy high field hockey team. Good luck to all the players and coaches this season and future seasons. GO KNIGHTS!