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Kaitlynn Bourne, staff writer

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Or do you wake up in the morning and still feel super tired and just want to sleep longer? Well here are some ways to help you sleep better and to be more awake in the morning.

Try taking a hot shower or bath before bed:

Two hours before you go to sleep, take a hot shower or bath. When you take a hot shower or bath your temperature rises and it relaxes your body and makes it easier to sleep. Being in water before bed also makes you feel better and removes all the tighten muscles from your body.

Turn your lights off:

When you have your lights on it doesn’t make you tired, in fact it makes you more awake. Dim your lights around 9-10 pm. It makes you sleepy and tired. You also won’t have a white/yellowish bright light in your face through the night.

Shut off your electronics:

This may be hard to do for some people but turning off your electronic devices helps your brain. It can reduce a headaches and it also makes you feel more energized when you wake up. It can affect your sleeping too, what happens is that too much brightness near your face for a long time makes your eyes hurt and may cause bad dreams while sleeping or your eyesight can get worse.

Wear socks to bed:

Your feet can become cold during the night which can keep you awake. By wearing socks it gives you extra warmth to make you more comfortable and sleep better.

Eat something light before going to bed:

Don’t eat anything spicy or heavy on your stomach before going to bed. Eating something too heavy before bed makes your stomach overwork during the night and it causes you to stay awake and not be able to sleep. Try eating fruit or veggies. If you don’t like those things, eat crackers or a dry food.


Herbal/Natural Techniques:

Spray lavender spray on your pillow before sleeping. Lavender is a relaxing scent. You can also buy a pillow that is lavender scented.

Meditating or yoga is another technique. When meditating sit for about 5-10 minutes and don’t focus on anything except your breathing.

Drink a glass of milk before bed. Calcium  and magnesium are sleep boosters. When you take them both together, it affects the body more and helps you sleep better. While taking magnesium, it helps out any heart problems by just taking calcium alone.

Melatonin is a hormone that controls sleep. Professionals say taking more helps but taking a lesser dosage is more helpful.,,20306715,00.html#sleep-well-sleep-better-0


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