Ask Daisha – October

"Ask Daisha" is an advice column where people can submit anonymous questions and/or things they need advice on and Daisha will post the questions along with her best advice (no names will ever be posted).

Daisha Spiece, Writer

“I’m talking to someone, but my ex misses me, he treated me so badly but I miss him!”

      If you know the person you’re talking to will treat you right then your best bet is to stick with that person. Never allow anyone to belittle you or make you feel upset for no reason because you deserves to be treated like the beautiful human you are. Anyone that treats you badly doesn’t deserve your time, love, or heart. The absence of someone you that used to be in your life and now is not is normal. However, once you realize that pearson is toxic and will not do anything to help you grow as a person you will stop missing them; that is when you have matured and allowed yourself to grow and be happy. The thought of them may pop into your head but you will only smile because you realized that you were the bigger person and made the best decision for your mental health.


“How do you say no?”

    Building courage to say no to something someone wants to do or wants you to do can be very difficult especially if they don’t let you speak your mind. You have to realize that if someone truly cares about you they will always respect your opinion and hear you out, if they can’t do that you may need to rethink the person in general. Keep in mind that their feelings probably won’t be hurt and they probably have no problem with saying no to others so it won’t even phase them. Something you could do is practice saying it a few times then if you know they’re going to ask you to do something you don’t want to, then breath and don’t overthink the situation. Say it with confidence and stand up for yourself and what you want.


“How do I get rid of stress or reduce it?”

    Always try to be open about what you’re feeling or thinking. Talk to people about what’s on your mind. Personally, I get emotional when I’m having a true heart-to-heart but sometimes that takes even more weight off of my shoulders. I like to keep a lot of things to myself so sometimes I say what’s bothering me aloud or I’ll have a few people that I know well and trust and I’ll call them and we can have a “vent session”. You have to remember that everyone is stressed about something and you aren’t alone with this very overwhelming feeling. Writing is also a proven to relieve stress. I’ve also it and it was pretty efficient for me; I would write a letter, put it in an envelope, seal it, and put it away somewhere safe. Try not to listen to upsetting music and listen to music with motivational lyrics and higher beats.


“All my “friends” are talking about me and saying things that aren’t true and IDK how to help make it stop”

    People who pretend to be there for you and are fake behind your back aren’t even worth the effort that you’re trying to put in to make it stop. If you don’t acknowledge them they’ll realize that they’re the little person and acting like a child but if you react with more hate and anger or physical movements then you’re just as little as them. If they’re too immature to realize they’re acting immature and you can’t help but be bothered, involve your parents and if it’s an in-school issue then involve the administrator. Another thing is that anybody that;s coming to you saying things like “So-and-so said this” and you simply stop them in their tracks and say “I don’t care” because you shouldn’t. Your real friends shouldn’t come to you telling you that someone is talking about you because even if deep down inside you want to know, you know that all it does it upset you and ruin your mood. My advice to you is to find other things to focus on; at this age your priorities shouldn’t have anything to do with other people.


I hope I helped all of you!