Athlete of the Month – October


Natalie Buchanan posing for a picture with her Athlete of the Month award.

Lauren Keesecker, Writer

Natalie Buchanan posing for a picture with her Athlete of the Month award.

There are many sports here at Spotsylvania High. There are even more athletes that participate in these sports. After asking Ms.Williams, she has said that Natalie Buchanan most definitely deserves to be titled “Athlete of the Month. Natalie Buchanan, a sophomore, just joined the joined the field hockey team this year. Most players joining sports teams for the first time are a little scared to show off how well they play, but this has been proven wrong by Natalie. She has proven to excel in multiple areas. These including areas related to sports and areas that are not related to sports.

One thing that makes Natalie the perfect match is her consistent attendance to practice. Showing up to practice all throughout the season is a sign of a determined and ambitious player who is always striving to do their best. Not only does she show up to practice, but she gives one hundred percent at practice. The most difficult thing about playing sports is feeling up to going to practice everyday, let alone give one hundred percent every time. It’s not always as easy as other people make it seem. Another reason why Natalie was selected was because she is the most improved. Coach Williams made a point to say that she is improving immensely everyday. This massive improvement is most likely due to her good attendance to practice. Natalie always knows what’s expected of her, and even goes above what’s assigned.

There are many students here at Spotsylvania High that are exceptional athletes. Most athletes here strive to do their best no matter what, so narrowing the selected athletes down to one was exceptionally hard. Natalie Buchanan has earned this title because of the endless amounts of effort, good sportsmanship, and her determination.