Halloween Haunt


Trinity Gilbert, Writer

Kings Dominion, located in Doswell, Virginia, 20 miles North of Richmond and 75 miles South of Washington D.C., features a scary adventure called, “Halloween Haunt” every year since they opened on May 3,1975. Originally named,”Fear Fest” the current owners of Kings Dominion, Cedar Fair’s, changed the name to, “Halloween Haunt” in 2007, and has remained the same ever since. Featuring many haunted mazes and scare zones, some still around today others, such as, “Miners Revenge” have been shut down for many years or as few as one year. “Miners Revenge” was shut down in 2013, not long after its first appearance; the walk through maze featured depictions of dead miners bodies disfigured by a mining disaster. Many citizens were strongly offended do to Virginia’s history of mining disasters, and it was criticised by many as, “poor taste” so Kings Dominion shut it down, ending the short appearance of “Miners Revenge.” Did you get a chance to experience the short-lived maze?

 Today, “Halloween Haunt” features eight mazes, and five scare zones, several different shows, and many different song and dance performances scattered all throughout the park. Special effects make-up taking anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and a half, depending on how detailed it is and how much of the body it covers. Also, there is no age limit to enter a haunted house, it’s an “enter-at-your-own-risk” type of deal. The “monsters” will not touch you, and you are asked not to touch them out of respect.

 If one wants to enjoy Kings Dominion without being scared in the scare zones, they can purchase a “Boo Pass.” A Boo Pass is $10 per person, glows green in the dark, and keeps the monsters at bay. A Kings Dominion Employee says,” Many people are relieved when they realize what a boo pass is and that they can purchase one here at the park, for a cheap price. But I also think it helps bring them back, because once they realize that it’s not as bad sa they think, the next time they come, they don’t feel the need to have the boo pass. I’ve seen some families that come every weekend that buy a boo pass when Halloween Haunt starts and the next time they come they don’t have them with them and continue on as normal.”

 Every year, Kings dominion receives thousands of visitors, those numbers increasing dramatically during, “Halloween Haunt.” When asked if more people visit Halloween haunt every year, a Kings Dominion Employee said, “ I do believe that the number of people increase, but i also think it’s some of the same families who come back year after year, as well as bringing and encouraging other people to try it out. After many years of working here, so many faces do tend to blur together, but there are definitely some that stick out and are unforgettable.” So, how do you feel about Halloween Haunt?  Have you been or would you like to go?