Homecoming Eve


Kariah White

2017 Varsity football seniors

Kariah White, Editor

The day everyone waited so long for, the night before homecoming. Everyone always has so much to do but they always make time for the homecoming parade and football game. Before the game the is the homecoming game which is kinda like a time to shine. The marching band leads everyone playing, the all the clubs follow, then comes the homecoming court nominees riding in cars. They walked and rode around the field while everyone watched. Following is the Homecoming game “the most important night in football” some people would say. Homecoming 2017 we played James Monroe Yellow Jackets.

Though the game didn’t end as well as the Knights wanted it to they still played good. Many players showed how much the have progressed. “Seniors Malaki Terrell, Brandon Waller, Wyatt Bryan, Travon Tyler and Juniors Daquan Carter and Trevor Croson all turned in solid offensive and defensive performances for the Knights. Junior Jameson Edwards was responsible for recovering the Jackets’ lone turnover when he scooped up a muffed punt and gave the Knights’ a short field, unfortunately several plays later a holding call negated a TD pass from D. Carter to Tysean Tyler” said coach Jack. Hunter Wheeler scored when he split the uprights with a 30 yard field goal. Coach Jack believes that Hunter Wheeler is a plus to the team this year with his kicking skills. Coach Jack says the football players have dedicated themselves to turning the football program around.  He believes they are doing very well, and many people can agree. The football team is currently a “2nd seed in region B.”