Spirit Week Ups the Ante


The guidance department stand together to pose for a spirit week picture. The theme of the day was jersey day. picture taken by: Andrea Abney

Andrea Abney, Writer

The students at Spotsylvania High School showed off their school spirit and counted down the days until the 2017 homecoming that would take place on Saturday October fourteenth. Girls made plans to get their hair and nails done, what store they would buy their dresses at and what shoe store they would buy their shoes from. Boys made plans on about where they would get their tuxedo from and where they would get their shoes from. Boys and girls made plans on where to eat and how many friends they would bring with them.

Each day of the week, students and staff of Spotsylvania High School have been participating in spirit week by wearing different themed clothes. On Monday, students and staff rolled out of their beds and put on their slippers, robe, and furry boots and also brought their furry blankets and stuffed animals to participate in pajama day. On Tuesday students twinned with their friends and staff twinned with their coworkers in all different colorful outfits to participate in twin day. On Wednesday students and staff suited up in their Marvel and DC shirts and costumes from Batman, The Riddler, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, Captain America and more. They went head to head for Super Hero day (Marvel vs. DC comics).On Thursday, the staff and students put on their game faces and jerseys and showed off their school spirit on jersey day by wearing jerseys that represent their favorite football, soccer, basketball, baseball or hockey, or other sport’s team. The whole school got ready to scream, play games, laugh and make good memories with their friends at the pep rally that would take place in the school’s gymnasium tomorrow. On Friday the students would show off their school colors by wearing red, white and blue. The seniors would wear stylish togas off all different colors and lengths to show off when they walked around the gymnasium, waving to the juniors, sophomores and freshman and staff.

In the beginning of the week, students of all grades and staff signed up to participate in different games that would take place in the pep rally such as “Squash the Yellow Jackets, which is a game that students and staff would jump on orange and black striped balloons that represented James Monroe High School. Also, students participated in was an obstacle course that had different types of sports such as field hockey, volleyball and football. Another game that several students participated in was jousting. The students lined up across the basketball court with two students across from each other. Each student was positioned with one foot on a scooter and the other foot on the floor. They held pool noodles that hand different colors of paint on the tip of the noodles. Each pair of students took turns riding on the scooter and trying to either touch their opponent with the tip of the pool noodle, or to knock their opponent off of the scooter to score a point.

After the 2017 pep rally, the students and staff returned to their classrooms, waited for dismissal  and to get ready for the Homecoming game that night and dance the next day.