Student of the Month – October

Student of the Month - October

LeAnn Scrogham, Writer

Student of the month is an honor given to a student who has excelled in and out of school. It’s not just a person who has marvelous grades,although that is important, it’s a person who is involved in the school and someone who has a positive outlook on their high school career. With recommendations from teachers around the school this month’s award has be thrust upon sophomore, Madi Seay.

Mr.Waltman quoted “Madi is an extremely high-achieving student who is very talented in all facets of learning Spanish.  She works hard and has a great enthusiasm for the learning process.  She is also a valuable member of the JV Volleyball team at Spotsy.” A big part of being student of the month is having good grades and, Madi has said that she has kept her grades up “ by doing my homework the day I get it and doing as much work I can do for extra credit.”

But just having good grades isn’t all you have to do, it’s also very important to be involved in the school. A good way Madi does that is by being on the JV volleyball team, she said that “ It is very stressful but it helps you make close friends.” And when asked what advice she could give to her fellow student she replied with “ do your best, stay organized and get your work in on time.”

Madi Seay has set a fantastic goal for all of us here at Spotsy and we would all like to wish her congratulations on being this month’s Spotsylvania High Schools student of the month.