Things to Do around Town

Halee Lane, Writer

When you live in a small town like Spotsylvania there’s not much to do. So when there are festivals, fairs, and concerts.  There are a lot of people because that kind of stuff is rare in a town like this. If you don’t mind driving a little bit I would recommend going to downtown Fredericksburg. Downtown is a pretty popular place because you can park your car and walk around. There are restaurants, shops, and horse and carriages. On top of everything to do when you go downtown it looks very aesthetic and you can really see the history of fredericksburg. Now, there is a lot going out of downtown Fredericksburg. There’s things to do in the outdoors and nature; you can go shopping; there are a lot of restaurants and stores, museums, golf, and really fun attractions. Some of the attractions include places like Fun Land, Kings Dominion, and Cavalier Skating Rink. If you’re looking for somewhere to go there are a lot of parks in Fredericksburg. If you want to hang out with friends you should go to the movies or bowling. However, if you don’t want to go into town you can go to things around here like go to bonfires, take a walk in the woods,or you can walk through the battlefield. Those were just a view things to do around town.