Ask Daisha – November

Daisha Spiece, Writer

Ask Daisha is an advice column where people can submit anonymous questions and/or things they need advice on, and Daisha will post the questions along with her best advice (no names will ever be posted)

“So I like this boy, but he has a girlfriend, but he likes me back. I don’t want him to leave his girlfriend just to be with me. What should I do?”

    If you don’t want him to leave his girlfriend for you then you should back off. Everything has a time and a place in life. If he likes you while he’s in a relationship then things must not be too serious for him and they will probably split up eventually, until then have respect for him and his relationship and remain friends with him. If being friends is too hard then don’t talk to him at all. Put yourself in his girlfriend’s position; you think everything’s going great in the relationship then a girl comes out of nowhere and breaks you guys up. You’re hurt, sad, and now you have drama with someone. You wouldn’t want to feel that type of hurt. Remember to treat others the way you want to be treated.


“I need help with unnecessary drama. I have people that don’t like me for no reason”

    People not liking you should be their problem and not yours because that’s their choice to take time and energy out of their life to start drama (assuming there is drama because we’re in high school and if you know they don’t like you, that had to come out of someone’s mouth) and you need to be humble and ignore them. Your reaction defines how mature you are and if you can let it go and realize you have more important things to be thinking about, then it’ll go away. Shame on them for trying to belittle you but the joke’s on them, they’re making themselves look childish. They’ll realize it one day and I know it sucks to be the bigger person sometimes but in the end it separates yourself from people that aren’t trying to see you succeed. Just do you and what makes you happy, the better you’re doing will either make them hate or crawl to your feet. Let haters hate and let beggars beg; make them regret everything they did by being successful and carefree.


“How do you stay “just friends” with someone who has changed your life. Like it breaks my hearts to see him upset”

    If you are referring to “him” as your ex, then that is a difficult task that takes lots of time and growth. If he is hurt over a breakup, he needs time to heal and you probably do too. It might be hard for him to understand especially if he is attached but if he doesn’t allow space between the two of you the process of healing will take longer and will be more painful. Someone feeling upset is just as normal as someone being happy or angry, moods change and he will be okay. Try and explain to him that you want the best for him (he probably doesn’t see the clear picture right now but that isn’t something you should say to him, just to help you understand) and that you guys should resume the friendship when everything is in the past. Sometimes it’s hard to bounce back from a breakup and it’s impossible to be just friends but I believe that everything happens for a reason, and if you are meant to be friends you will be. Remember to not rush or force anything and let things fall into place.


I hope I helped all of you!