Banana Slap


Freeze the bananas the day before.

      For this vegan friendly recipe you have to do a bit of preparing. You have to freeze a bundle of bananas to achieve a thick richness that will make you think of a double milkshake. The flavor of this awesome shake is banana with a hint of nuttiness.

2 Servings
~ 4 banana
~ 3 pitted dates
~ ¼ cup of dried banana chips
~ 1 tablespoon of all natural smooth peanut butter
~ 6 ice cubes
~ 1 cup of chilled plain whole soy yogurt
~ Combine the banana chips, dates,peanut butter, and ice cubes in a blender.
~ Blend on high speed for 15 seconds (until barely blended)
~ Cut the banana into large chunks and add to the blender along with the yogurt
~ Blend for 30 to 45 more seconds (until smooth)
~ Pour into tall glass and ENJOY!!