Costumes in 2017

Natalie Swink, Writer

In the Fall season everyone is thinking about pumpkins and sweaters. But let’s take a look at the other side of fashion, Halloween costumes! Some of the popular and trendy costumes this year are mainly fictional characters such as Princess Leia, Mrs. Incredible, Mini Mouse, and a witch. Some of these costumes are classic in the sense that they will never really go “out of style.” A few examples of eternal costumes would be, a bumblebee, a ghost, a princess of some type, or a cat costume.

The Mrs. Incredible costume is $29.99 at Party City. The kit includes a jumpsuit, gloves, and a mask. You would have to buy black thigh-high boots separately. An adult Princess Leia costume will cost you about $49.99 for the white dress with a hood, a belt, and a wig. White knee-high flat boots will have to be purchased separately. The Minnie Mouse costume will also run you about $49.99. This costume includes only a red and white polka-dot dress, white gloves, and a mouse ear headband. Black pumps are excluded in the costume kit and will need to be purchased separately. However, this specific costume is only available online.

You could also go for a more traditional approach and make your own costume. A very simple and easy costume would be a pineapple. All you need is a yellow shirt, a black permanent marker, black leggings, a green headband, and sheer green fabric. Using the marker and the yellow shirt, draw partial triangles all over the yellow shirt which is the body of the pineapple. To make the green leafs on top of a pineapple, glue the sheer green fabric to the headband, and there you have it.  Have fun trick-or-treating everyone!