Football Is Making Progress


Kariah White

2017 Varsity football seniors

Natalie Swink, Writer

“Overall, the players have embraced the new staff, and together we are strongly trending upwards,” said Coach Jack, when asked about how much the team has developed since last season.  The Spotsy football team went 1-9 last year. This year they have managed to not only win more games but to have a very strong chance of hosting the first round of the Region 3B playoffs.  The JV team is currently 8-1 and are going into the final week of the season.  There is a very good possibility that the JV team will get to play in the JV Championship game.  

Specifically, Coach Jack pointed out that the team’s defense has tremendously improved over the last year. Throughout the nine games they have played this year, they have allowed 252 fewer points. Also “ alignment responsibility and tackling are improving,” said coach Jack, and he is pleased with how well the team is bonding and how much effort and dedication they are putting in to try and improve their mistakes from previous weeks.

Even though Spotsy’s football team has greatly improved, there is still work to be done and improvements to be made. Coach Jack wants to stay focused on the areas that they can control. Those areas primarily are reducing penalties and eliminating turnovers.  As for the offseason, they mainly focus on strength. “We are behind many other programs in the Battlefield District, but a constant commitment to the weight room can quickly close the strength gap,” said Coach Jack when asked what the team needs to work on for upcoming seasons.

Our school’s JV team is developing quite well. This directly affects our future varsity team and our future 9th graders who choose to join the football program.  Keeping a strong JV team will ensure the fact that there will be a good supplement for the varsity team when players graduate. Coach Jack said, “It builds the expectation of success… that player will know what it takes to win and to continue winning in future seasons.” He also said that the success of the JV team was “Paramount for the forward movement of the program.”

The final question Coach Jack was asked was what his favorite part of coaching was. He responded with the fact that he enjoys seeing players grow and gain confidence, and to also be successful when others question the likelihood of a player’s abilities.  Hopefully, the Knights will continue to grow and develop and have future success.  GO, KNIGHTS!