Halloween Costume Preview

Kaitlynn Bourne, Writer



This year will have a lot of different costumes because of new movies/shows and more things have came out this year. Here are the most popular costumes for 2017.


Stranger Things

The new season of Stranger Things is coming out on October 27th, so a lot of people will be dressing up as their favorite characters. Eleven is a very popular character from the series and there is a lot of costumes and wigs and accessories for her, along with Joyce Byers, Will Byers, Dustin Henderson, and Jim Hopper. There are also other characters like Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Nancy Wheeler, Steve Harrington, and Jonathan Byers.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was a big hit this year. This was also the most searched halloween costume of 2017! A lot of people love this movie and children want to be her.

Pennywise or clowns

It, the remake of the original movie in 1990, was a big hit this year. Pennywisem the clown character from this movie, has a lot of different ways to dress like him. There are hundreds of tutorials on youtube and costumes at your local store or Halloween store.

Beauty and the Beast

The movie came out in March of 2017. People loved Emma Waston as Belle and especially the dress that she wore in the ballroom part. Beauty and the Beast has been a child’s dream costume since 1987.