Homecoming 2K17: A Knight on the Red Carpet


During the Homecoming of Spotsy High, bright neon lights glowed on the walls of the schools gymnasium.

Daisha Spiece, Writer

Glamorous dresses, hollywood makeup, tailored suits, and designer shoes. Everyone buying over-the-top accessories that they’ll probably only wear once. Welcome to the world of teenagers when it comes to homecoming.  The hollywood themed dance had the whole school looking the best they ever had for their pictures, dates, and pride. It was a memorable night with many fun experiences and first big dance for the freshman.

    There was a bright red carpet leading up to the school like there would be at the Oscars.In the inside of the school there were stars with the names of teachers who helped set up for homecoming which looked like the Walk of Fame. Professional photographers were walking around the line leading up to the ticket booth and inside of the dance taking pictures of us like paparazzi.There was a live DJ and even he seemed to be having fun. However, the music was from last year and it wasn’t music you could dance to. The lights and theme were cool features and it was especially cool that there was a photo booth with props that would print the pictures right then and there for free. There were colorful strobe lights flashing around like a real concert that went well with the hollywood theme.

    Freshman Haylee said “Homecoming was memorable to me because I was with my friends and my ”date”. We all had a good time and afterwards we went to a late dinner and bonfire.” Junior Jashawn said “Homecoming was fun and the music was better than the previous years..”. Junior Kariah said “I went to homecoming my freshman year and hasn’t been back because is was boring”. It was nice to be with friends and make memories that we can look back on when we’re grown-up with families. There was a good majority of people in the cafeteria and not as many actually on the dance floor. It seemed to be shy people or ones that thought they are too cool for school but that’s okay because there was more room to dance. There was a lot of people in the front compared to last year when everyone was more towards the back. This was because a lot of people there were upperclassmen and they were more used to it and comfortable since they’ve been dancing for longer.

    All and all, it was a fun, memorable night for everyone that was there. Thank you to everyone who helped set up the dance and made homecoming possible. Everyone is looking forward to next year and what the theme will be.