Marching Band is Blowing Away the Competition


The Marching band takes the field at Riverbend High School competition to perform show In the Name of Love

Erica Thompson, Writer

The Marching Knights are working extremely hard. They have been working since the beginning of July and everyday after school on their new show, In the Name of Love.  The show is supposed to represent how the power of love triumphs all. In the show there are three different movements that are played, and the characterization is shown in the set and music. In an interview flute player, Lisa McCollum said herself, “Marching Band is a lot harder than most people think. We do a lot and put forth a lot of effort, we’re always out in the heat every day, even when it’s raining, just to achieve a goal that we all want, we all work together as a team, and one whole as a family.” When asked her opinion about the show she said, “It’s interesting. There are a lot of great visuals.” During practice each day they go through exercises that help improve their posture and marching. They also work on improving their show music, and putting together the marching and music. On September 30th the Knights had their first competition. During the same interview, flute player, Gabby Acors was asked how she thought the band would do this season. She replied, “Great, if we keep working hard and pushing ourselves.” In addition to this Gabby Acors also said, “If you ever want to join Marching Band, do it. It’s completely worth it!” When she was asked how was band different than how she expected it would be she said, “It’s much more of a family, we are such a tight group and lookout for each other.” The Marching Knights invitational is on October 7th. It costs $8 per person to get into the event. The event is held at Spotsylvania High School. Other times that you can see their show are during home football games at halftime. They also play pep tunes during the home football games.