ROTC Spotlight – October


Trinity Gilbert, Writer

For the month of October, 2017, the chosen student for the ROTC spotlight is Sydney Wood. She is in her second year of JROTC and when asked what her favorite part of the program is she replied, ”I like the opportunities and the variety of them.” Sydney is fifteen years old and is a sophomore here at Spotsylvania High School and is dedicated and determined in the works of ROTC, as well as graduating high school. After asking Sydney her favorite aspect of Spotsylvania High School, she said, “Its nice that it’s not crowded, or overly populated.”

     Sydney was chosen for the ROTC spotlight by The Knight Times and her teachers in JROTC, sticking out from the other students in a positive way, showing her teachers that she can succeed. Excelling in her JROTC physical training, and drill, coming to school in uniform when required, and getting to class on time everyday, Sydney is a model student.

    To qualify for the ROTC spotlight a cadet must be hardworking, respectful, helpful to peers, listening to teachers, on time to class, determined and pushing themselves to achieve and excel the goals that they’ve set for themselves. So we, The Knight Times, would like to ask you to give Sydney Wood encouragement and congratulations on the good work, determination, and success, as we are proud to call her a fellow student.