Speed Kills: Cross Country in Review


Jordan Powers, the girls captain for Cross Country, taking a picture during school.

Ayarri Minor, Writer

Speed kills. Nice to say our Cross Country team is killing it this season. I Interviewed the team captains, Tylik Lucas and Jordan Powers, to talk about the season. Let’s see what they had to say.

What  the strength of Spotsylvania High School’s boys Cross Country team? Well the strength is running, together as a team in unity. Working well with others is key for a team, and our Cross Country team has it. What are the weaknesses? the weaknesses are, for everyone to focus and run their pace. The team prepares for a meet by hydrating, eating a healthy meal before(mostly carbs like pizza), and listening to music. The team celebrates a victory by tweeting out and verbally. The team goes to Snack Shack for team bonding.

Tylik has been on the team for four years. Tylik has been captain of the boys team for one season, this year being  his first. When asked “How did you become captain?” Tylik said “ I don’t know actually!” laughing. Then Ms.LaRocco stepped  in saying “ Tylik is a leader and well-respected.”. Why is Tylik interested in running Cross Country? Tylik runs Cross Country to condition and stay in shape for track in the Spring. Tylik said he does want to continue this sport in the future and or college. His top three colleges are Bridgewater university, Eastern Michigan University, and Virginia Commonwealth University.

Jordan has been on the girls team for two years. Jordan has been captain of the girls team for one season, this year being her first. Jordan has been a runner since she was younger and she feels confident in running. The girls on the girl’s team are Jordan P., Courtney G., Greta R., Lisa S., Hannah, and Samantha T.. Jordan said, “The best memory of the season is when we watched the boy’s Cross Country team compete.”. Jordan said that the weaknesses of the girl team is they don’t have the numbers. There is only six girls in the team. The strengths are they are all strong runners and they treat each race as if it was their last. Before a meet they stretch and encourage each other. After to celebrate a victory the team goes to Chick-Fil-A.