Teacher of the Month – September

Ms.Livelsberger receiving her Teacher of the Month Award in her classroom

          At Spotsylvania High, there are many teachers that deserve to be called “Teacher of the Month”, but one teacher stood out to me immediately, and as soon as I was assigned this topic, I knew who I had to choose. This month’s teacher of the month is Ms. Livelsberger. She teaches multiple English courses.  On my first day as a high schooler, I walked into her class feeling unsure about how things were going to go because teachers are normally very serious and expect things to be done a certain way. Walking into Ms.Livelsberger class, I felt nervous and scared, but walking back out, I felt better overall about going to school.

      As soon as the bell rang, and she walked into the classroom, you could just tell she was very bubbly and laid back. Not only did she provide a good environment to learn in, she also had a sense of humor and was constantly joking around with the students. She always tells quirky stories that make her students laugh and most people seem to think that’s an important part of successful learning. She also rarely gives out homework which is a relief to most kids because some nights students are swamped with homework and just don’t have enough time to do another class of it. Even kids that are shy around students and teachers will begin to feel safe in the environment Ms. Livelsberger has provided for her students. Ms. Livelsberger is the teacher every student wishes they had because she focuses on what’s best for her students, than what’s best for herself.

    Through a brief interview, I learned a lot about Ms. Livelsberger, and what she’s interested in. Obviously, since she teaches English, English is in her comfort zone. She hasn’t taught any other subjects, but said she would love to teach creative writing because when she was younger writing helped her a lot. When asked about the freshmen, she said they were “fun” and “spirited” and overall cool to teach. Even though she likes teaching freshman, she said she really enjoys teaching Juniors. Ms. L plans on teaching for as long as she possibly can because she has had incredible memories here.

    Activities in her class aren’t always boring, and we do worksheets to benefit our learning, and not just to be passing time. Her rules in general aren’t strict, and as long as we keep ourselves controlled, there won’t be any trouble. Ms. Livelsberger is a great teacher and role model, and I bet many students can agree with this statement.