Teeing Off: Golf Review


Zach Kennedy is tallying scores at a golf tournament.

Erica Thompson, Writer

Recently the Knights Golf team had their final match, on October 3rd. During a golf match there are six starters. Out of the six people who golf the top four scores get added together. This becomes the teams final score for the match. After Regionals one of our own Golf members, Zak Kennedy, qualified for states. States was on October 9th and 10th. Zak is a Senior and has been on the Golf team since his Sophomore year. When asked what got him interested into golfing he said, “My Dad and Grandpa have been golfing for a while.” To get prepared for matches he goes to the range and he practices 5-6 times a week. When asked what was different about states and the way he prepared, “I practiced more on the shots I knew I would have. It was pretty surreal, but fun. There was a big stage and a lot of people watching.” Zak also said “Golf is a lot harder than people may think. It isn’t the most physically demanding sport, but it takes a lot of skill.”