Tragedy in the Music World

Celina Russell, Writer

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What’s left? America lost not one but four rock legends:  Chester Bennington, Tom Petty, Chris Cornell, and Troy Gentry. All of which created countless hits such as Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden (sang by Chris Cornell), I Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty, What I’ve Done by Linkin Park (sang by Chester Bennington), and Something To Be Proud Of by Montgomery Gentry (sang by Troy Gentry).

Chester Bennington was born on March 20th, 1976 and was the lead vocalist of the rock band Linkin Park as well as a fortman for Stone Temple Pilots and Dead by Sunrise. Chester hung himself on July 20th, 2017, at the age of 41. Chester was reportedly good friends with Chris Cornell who died a couple months before he did.

Chris Cornell was born on July 20th, 1964 and was lead vocalist of the rock bands Audioslave and Soundgarden and released four solo albums: Euphoria Morning, Carry On, Scream, and Higher Truth. Chris died on May 18th, 2017. His son then went to his godfather Chester Bennington.

Tom Petty was born on October 20th 1950 and was an American musician, singer-songwriter, and record producer. Tom was born in Gainesville, FL and had one brother, Bruce Petty. Shortly after coming back from tour he had a major heart attack and died on october 2, 2017 at the age of 66.

Troy Gentry was born on April 15, 1967 and was part of the duo Montgomery Gentry. Tony was born in Lexington, Kentucky, and married Angie Gentry on December 14, 1999. Troy died in a helicopter crash on September 13, 2017.

None of these artists deserved to die even if it was of their own accord or not, and many of us wish they were still around to make the amazing music that they made. The only way that we can keep them alive through their music, so plug up your headphones or turn on your radio and play some Linkin Park, Montgomery Gentry, Audioslave, and Tom Petty.