Video Game Review: Dishonored

Anthony Wheeler, Writer

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider at first seems like a cheap stand-alone addition, but as you play this it may very well be your favorite Dishonored game yet. In Death of the Outsider somebody finally feels like getting rid of a major problem, and that somebody is Billie Lurk. She was a major antagonist in the first game’s DLC and a major accomplice in Dishonored 2. After she meets her mentor (Daud) they finally decide to fix the world’s supernatural problems by killing the one responsible, the “Outsider”: a supernatural, god-like man who give powers to a select few.

While she does not have the arsenal of powers Corvo and Emily had. What her powers lack in quantity she makes up for quality. Billie can “blink” around her environment just like Emily and Corvo did from the main games but her method of teleportation is not instant. She instead summons markers that she can “displace” to at any time so long as she maintains line-of-sight.

Her second power is “Semblance,” which allows her to siphon off NPC’s faces and wear them herself, which is great for stealth and nonviolent runs. Her last power is “Foresight,” which highlights enemies and items through walls.

One other thing that makes the game better is the removal of the chaos system which changed the story with how lethally you progressed. For the first time in a Dishonored game you can choose how to take down a enemy without fear of being judged by the game itself. In fact, the game encourages you mix up your violent and nonviolent means in contracts which are in all 5 of the game’s stages. Contracts are a much more open-ended excuse to explore your environment than just hunting for skill points, but since the contracts do not directly point to any of the objects or persons of intrest you need to pay a good deal of attention to context clues in your environment.

For all these reason I give it 5 stars (out of five) and highly recommend Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.