International Baccalaureate Program Paves the Way

Lauren Keesecker, Writer, Print Layout

The International Baccalaureate Programme is an onerous program that prepares students for college. This program recommends students who are eager to learn, are ambitious, and are willing to do a little extra work to pass their classes. Students who apply to this program not only take college level classes, they also engage in community service, research, and gain and interest in knowledge. To apply, you have to be a rising 9th grader. In addition to that, you must fill out an application form, give out teacher recommendation forms, and write a 500 page essay answering two prompts, have completed of a  year of a foreign language, and have completed Algebra I.

The IB Programme has all kinds of benefits for students who take it. Students who took/take this program are more likely to perform well in all aspects of life such as social, emotional, and academic. IB students will also be prepared to start guiding their own learning instead of having someone do it for them. Another benefit of this program is having a better chance of getting into a higher ranking college of your choice. A freshman who is in the program says when she was accepted, she was worried that the program would be challenging, but after coming to school, she quickly realized that it’s not difficult, just a lot of work. She also added that even though it’s a lot of work, she enjoys the program because it will provide her with many opportunities in the future.

In the IB Programme, you take courses in six subject groups including language and literature, language acquisitions, individuals and societies, sciences, mathematics, and the arts. Which courses you take within these groups is completely up to you. This program requires dedication because they begin to look at your grades and teacher feedback from previous years, and most of your time will be used to engage in what you’re learning in class.