Spotsy Combined Bands Bring the Beat


On December 2nd the Marching Band marched in Downtown Fredericksburg for the Christmas parade.

Erica Thompson, Writer, Print Layout

On Saturday night, December 2nd, many people gathered together in downtown Fredericksburg to watch the parade. The Christmas parade has been an ongoing tradition for many years now. At the parade the five high schools’ marching bands, Spotsy, Courtland, Massaponax, Riverbend, and Chancellor, marched in the parade. Instead of individually marching they all marched together as one monstrous band. The song the bands performed is called Trees and Holly. Trees and Holly consists of different traditional, holiday christmas songs that are combined together. This has been the song that has been marched since the year 1999.

The parade was an exciting experience for the band members. SHS students not only got to spend time with people from their own band, but also with people from bands at other schools in the county. It was interesting watching the bands play with each other even though they had no practice time as a whole. As they marched through the parade they slowly became sore, but they played the whole time. In front of each section conducting there were two drum majors. Drum Majors are the people who lead and conduct for the band. The marchers had to march in time to the Drum Majors’ hands and play in time with their marching. It was not an easy task for them, yet they played in time well together. The marchers had to do this throughout the whole parade.

Along with wearing their uniforms the marchers had a holiday theme they had to match. The majority of the band wore red and white Santa hats, and they decorated their musical instruments in christmas lights. Some people even put wreaths and garland on theirs. The color guards also had various expectations they were supposed to meet. They dressed along with the christmas theme. Some wore one piece pajamas, and others wore christmas sweaters. They also all had flags that were christmas themed. The Marching Band did very well marching together.