Thanksgiving Crafts

Trinity Gilbert, Writer



 Do you love decorating for the holidays but can’t think of anything unique or original ? Well, there are many ways to decorate your home for thanksgiving, but here are some of my favorites that i’ve been doing every year for as long as i can remember. You can tweak them and add your own style and personality to them as you see fit ! From changing the colors from traditional Thanksgiving colors to crazy funky colors, adding glitter, or actual feathers ! Just have fun !



  1. Cut out an oval corncob shape slightly larger than the paper cup you’ll be using out of yellow construction paper, then, with crayons, draw kernels on your paper. Next, glue the construction paper to the front of your cup.
  2. Cut out a piece of crepe paper, you can find this at walmart or even the dollar tree, 11 inches in height and 12 inches in length, varying on the cup size. Glue the crepe paper around the cup to create corn husk, then crinkle and gather at  the top and glue around the cup.
  3. Fill a snack bag with popcorn and place inside of the cup, then gather the top of the crepe paper and tie with a raffia, which can be found at walmart as well.


  1. Trace the largest plate that you’ll use on pieces of scrapbook paper and then cut out the circles.
  2. Glue feathers of your color preference along the edges, leaving the paper centers blank (the plate will be covering it)


  1. Cut out a section (top and bottom) of an egg carton and then fill one side with dried beans.
  2. Glue the sides together with an popsicle stick coming out of the middle, about half an inch pushed in, then glued for extra support.
  3. Paint them with orange paint, let them dry, then push a green pipe cleaner into the top as a stem, slip on green construction paper leaves (if you made them) then bend the pipe cleaner into a loop.


  1. Paint a paper cup brown, then turn the cup upside down, next gluing a pom pom on the top for the head.
  2. Cut nine 4-inch leaf shapes from different colors from construction paper, then fold an 1-inch square piece of construction paper in half; cut a triangle shape out of folded paper for a beak. Using 2-inch square red paper folded in half, cut heart for the wattle.
  3. Glue beak and wattle to the pom pom. Then glue on the googly eyes followed by the feathers.


  1. Cut out many shapes of an acorn from construction paper, they can all be the same size or vary.
  2. Paint, color, and decorate your acorns, using glitter or whatever other extra materials you may have. Let them dry, then poke small holes in the tops of them, with a needle preferably.
  3. String your acorns on a piece of yarn, fishing wire, or string, and spread them evenly, next hot gluing them in place on the hanging materia.Then hang !


  1. Find many whole acorns, attached to the top and undamaged, then wash them in warm water with no soap and let them dry.
  2. While the acorns are drying, get your materials ready, your paints and your paint brushes, along with all other materials you’ll be using.
  3. Next, paint your acorns the color of your choice, or even multiple colors ! Then let them dry.
  4. For a more personal touch, gather feathers, sequins, glitter, or whatever else you can find, then use a hot glue stick to glue them on, now you’ll have personality on your acorns.
  5. Put them in a bowl or a clear glass vase as a centerpiece.


  1. Gather broken branches, 2-3 feet tall, with multiple branches attached to the main branch, about 5 total, but the choice is yours.
  2. Fill a glass pitcher, or a vase with sand and put the branches in the sand until they touch the bottom.
  3. Have friends and family write what they are thankful for, with a date and name, on a paper ornament of your choice, then hang the ornaments on the branches of the tree.