Welcome to the Knight Family

LeAnn Scrogham, Writer

Spotsylvania High School has welcomed a few new teachers to the staff this year. A teacher can have a big influence on students and their education, and a new teacher can also be impacted by their students. A brand new member of the knight family this year would be Mrs. Ritzco. She teaches individual development, nutrition and wellness, and a few other classes. She has a very positive attitude and a great outlook on her teaching skills.


Mrs.Ritzco says “Being a teacher at Spotsy is like being a part of a big family. There really is a sense of community amongst students, staff, and teachers.  I am proud to be a Knight!” Knight pride and the family feeling has already spread to the newest members of the SHS staff. Lots of students wonder why their teachers wanted to do what they do and what their favorite part about it is, and Mrs. Ritzco said, “My favorite thing about being a teacher is encouraging students to pursue their passions.” Some students here at Spotsy are planning to take their education to the next level, and become a teacher themselves. So when asked what advice Mrs. Ritzco had for students who hope to be teachers in the future she said, “My advice to students who would like to be teachers is research teacher preparation programs. Talk to teachers at the school level you are interested in and try to volunteer in a classroom.”


Even though she is a wonderful teacher, there are other new additions to Spotsylvania High School like Mr. Harris, Mr. Payne, and Mrs. Meyers. So we can all see that the new teachers here at Spotsylvania High School have been welcomed to the family with opened arms.