New Traditions for the New Year

Kariah White, Staff editor

The ball dropping on New Years at 12:00 in New York
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As we all know many people do many different things for New Year’s. Every country does their own thing. In Time Square, New York City they sent off fireworks right before the ball drops. The celebration in Time square all started in 1904, but then 2 years later the city banned fireworks. After that they designed a 700 pound iron and wood ball on a pole. It is a traditions for Americans to watch the start of the ball drop at 11:59. In Spain and Spanish speaking countries their tradition is to eat 12 grapes for 12 months of bad luck. You must start eating one grape when the clock strikes 12:00 and eat one for each toll of the clock. In Germany and Austria you pour molten lead into cold water. The Philippines wear polka dots on New Years to represent prosperity. Latin American countries wear color underwear, they believe the color underwear you are wearing represents the type of year you are going to have. Yellow brings prosperity and success. Red brings love and romance. White brings peace and harmony. Then green brings health and well-being. South American Countries eat black-eyed pea stew , it symbolized coins. Europeans believe in kissing on midnight defining moment in sweeping love story. There are so many different traditions for just one day. Information taken from