Angela’s Italian Restaurants

Daisha Spiece, staff writer

Good prices, great service, and amazing food. Angelas is a 4.5 star restaurant with a Certificate of Excellence. They have take-out, limited deliveries, private parties, and catering. I’ve never met anyone as dedicated to their business the way the owners of Angela’s are. They’re picky about their servers so that they have the best and only the best. The food is made fresh from scratch and made by the best cooks in town. With the new menu out, there are adjusted prices and a large variety of things to choose from.

     Agelas won’t disappoint you with the large variety of foods to choose from. From pizza to soups and burgers to pasta, it’s everything you could ask for. Angela’s is even vegetarian friendly and has gluten free items so everyone can be satisfied. For the kids there are kids menus, crayons, and cool scenery that keeps the younger ones occupied. You can choose between a booth or table or even a half booth and half table; however you want it. This restaurant is literally for everyone.

    There are a lot of laughs and smiled while dining at Angela’s. The owners are very friendly and are close with a lot of regulars. They often sit with customers or customers come talk to them. All of the staff is also really friendly. A lot of people come in with requests to be served by their favorite waiter or waitress and the servers are always more than happy to fulfill those requests.

    Everyone is welcomed at Angela’s. Whether you’re by yourself or you have a party of 80, they will always find a seat to put everyone in. Sometimes there is a wait but they will get you in at the next available table. The owners do their best to make everyone feel as comfortable as if they were at their home. The decorations itself gives off a comfortable, homey feeling.

    I definitely recommend this restaurant, as it never fails to make me happy. I always eat there with family and friends and I give it 5 stars. We always leave full and satisfied with the food and service. You won’t regret dining at Angela’s.