Christmas Traditions

 Post Card with “Christmas Traditions” written on it, surrounded by christmas ornaments and candles.

Post Card with “Christmas Traditions” written on it, surrounded by christmas ornaments and candles.

Jashawn Banks, Editor

Christmas to many is a time of the year where families everywhere take time out of their busy schedules to gather as one, and celebrate the day of giving and to celebrate the day of giving and to celebrate the birth of jesus. Whether the most memorable parts are the lights, the gifts, or the music, most know that the most memorable things that will carry on in your family for many generations is the Christmas traditions.

Christmas Traditions are important to a family because it helps keep the family strong, and teaches the children of the family their family values.

According to Amy Griswold of the University of Illinois Extension website, these traditions help fill the individuals need to belong. To children knowing that their confidence level and their happiness. Furthermore, being apart of the special things your family does, helps you have that sense of belonging.

In addition to the last following topic, some christmas traditions include putting up your Christmas tree. Putting up the christmas tree is an amazing tradition done by many all around the world. Some even have a theory that the 16th century German preacher Martin Luther was the first person to bring a Christmas tree into a house. Whether this is true or false we all know you can’t have christmas without a christmas tree, which are usually on Thanksgiving day or the day after Thanksgiving.

Another christmas tradition includes receiving one gift during Christmas eve. The warm, joyful night before Christmas is well known because of this one gift. The reasoning behind this tradition is known to people as so their tree would be empty enough for santa to leave his gifts according to the web.

Furthermore, opening up Christmas presents christmas morning is well known tradition. Opening Christmas gifts early in the morning has been a tradition for many years because as a child your main priority on christmas day is to open your gifts and as you grow up that priority doesn’t really change.

Last but not least, Christmas dinner with your family is the best tradition. Christmas dinner is the tradition where family from all over get together either at grandmas house, or at home, and talk about good old memories while eating a nice hot meal.This is the best traditions because even though you may not see some family members all the time, this one dinner will make you feel as though you guys never missed a day with one another.

In conclusion, traditions are special things, if the bond between a family is filled with love, care, and strength, then those Christmas traditions will carry on forever and pass on from generation to generation.