Drama Club

Halee Lane, staff writer

“Drama club creates a safe and creative space for all kinds of students to collaborate and grow as human beings,” says Mr.O’Quinn, who is the head of the drama department. Spotsy High’s drama club consists of creative and outgoing actors and actresses.The recent one act play we’ve had was about hopes and fears of your identity, adventure and great love. And it was so good! On top of everything else, RJ Harold won a nomination for Best Actor. Mr.O’Quinn is looking for “actors who speak and move well” for the spring play and also “who are great at creating memorable characters, and who have excellent comic timing and delivery.” If you’re looking to audition for the spring play it’s by Oscar Wilde called The Importance of Being Earnest. “The script is widely available on the internet and students are highly encouraged to read the play and prepare ahead of time for the audition,” says Mr.O’Quinn. He also says “The play is a farce that revolves around an ingenious case of manufactured mistaken identity.” Believe it or not, Mr.O’Quinn looks forward to the rehearsal process and of course performing the show for the audience. In 2018, Mr.O’Quinn says that “The Drama Club will continue to produce our productions, develop theatre skills for our members, and increase our outreach to the community. The Drama Club produces our productions through fundraising, ticket sales, and hard work, reinforces theatre skills, takes field trips to experience live professional theatre, does volunteer work at the school and in the community, and has fun.” The reason Mr.O’Quinn likes working with theatre arts because he likes working with and around creative, intelligent, and talented and “[b]urgeoning artists is a privilege that is continually inspiring and satisfying.” Spotsy has had a drama club since 1951 all the way up until now and it’s only getting better.