Short Summer

Halee Lane, Staff Writer

Everyone’s not too happy with having their summer cut by an entire month. Which means we will be going back to school August 13 and we’ll get out May 24 of next year. We are having a shortened summer because the school board voted and because they want to align with other schools in the county. School resource officer Smith said “I’m not too happy about it because my summers taken but I do understand why they did it.” Mr.Smith says the benefits are “We get out in May and we get exams in before Christmas break.” Which would mean the students wouldn’t have to stress about studying and what not during Christmas break. When asked how she felt about the short summer Rachel Frankenreiter said “I think it’s horrible,we don’t get enough time as it is.” Although she doesn’t like that her summers taken Rachel says “I think some of the benefits would be, there would be less of a time frame for us to not forget stuff.”

Daisha Spiece had a totally different thoughts about how she felt she said “We’re going to have to go to school regardless and I’m always working or at school so I’ll be busy so it’s whatever.” Another person said that “I think it makes sense but all in all it just sucks since our summers going to be shorter.” Even though all of us have different opinions on it we all should look at it in a positive perspective because if we don’t it’s going to feel a lot longer.