Santa Train


Its snowing while the conductor is greeting people cheerfully at the Spotsylvania train station while they board for the Santa Train.

Ayarri Minor, Writer

The Santa Train is a festive tradition done by VRE. It’s purpose is to educate children about Rail Safety and to celebrate Christmas. The Santa Train is a popular tradition for families, meaning you have to get your tickets before they sell out.

How Does it Work?

You buy your tickets online and they get sent to your home. The tickets cost 6 dollars per person. The tickets this year were green with a image of a Reindeer and snowing in the background. There are different times and departure sites. For the different times they have festive names for them like “Dasher Express.” The Santa Train doesn’t ride the full route, it goes half way, so the ride is about a hour long.

What Happens on the Train?

Well, not a lot happens on the train.

The main thing that happens on this ride is Santa and Ms. Claus come with their little helper. Santa and Ms. Claus work their way from the front of the train to the back smiling and waving to the children. Their little helper is following behind passing out red goodie bags to the children. In these goodie bags there are Rail Safety coloring books, a box of mini crayons, and some small candy canes. You can take pictures with Santa and Ms. Claus if wanted.

Why Go on the Ride?

Well, it nice to take young kids on the Santa Train because then they can see Santa and Ms. Claus. They also can enjoy their little goodie bag they get and learn about Rail Safety. You don’t have to be a child to go on the Santa Train and enjoy yourself. You can just enjoy the train ride, it is really relaxing.