Swim Team Review

The swim team competing in a meet against Massaponax, at the YMCA. They lost this meet

The swim team competing in a meet against Massaponax, at the YMCA. They lost this meet

Natalie Swink, Writer

Spotsy’s swim team is currently  0-2. Freshman Erica Thompson states “Coach Ron expects us to do our best at all times.” This is a good work ethic that Coach Ron is instilling in the swimmers. Erica also said that he expects them to work hard enough to receive a varsity letter. In addition to working hard, Coach also expects the swimmers to have about a 90% attendance rate to practices and meets. But most importantly, he expects them to all be respectful. The two team captains are Greta Roberson and Dominick Azzurinni. “They lead the team in stretches and warm ups,” said Erica, and she also emphasized that they help resolve team issues.  

Swimming is an exhausting sport to participate in. Their warm ups include, a 100m freestyle, 100m kick, which is using your legs only. It doesn’t get easier as practice continues. The next they do a 500m pull, which is using arms only, then they practice the free, fly, back, and breast strokes. After swimming they work on their diving, relay starts and flip turns.

The swim team has a meet this Friday, January 26th against Caroline High School at the Caroline YMCA. Both boys and girls start times are 7 pm. A typical swim meet can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. There are about 22 events in each meet. Also there are different heats in each event: Heat 1, 2, and 3. Heat one is the more skilled, and experienced swimmers. Heat two is the middle of the line swimmers. And heat three is the less skilled and less experienced swimmers. The heats take place in numerical order with more skilled, middle skilled, and less skilled being last, although there are not always three heats for each event.

The Spotsy swim team still has a fun season ahead of them.  Best of luck to the boys and girls swim teams of Spotsylvania. GO KNIGHTS!