Wacky Winter Weather

Trinity Gilbert, Writer

 In the winter of 2017-2018, temperatures and weather patterns fluctuate throughout the country. In the northern part of the country, the temperatures are expected to be close to or slightly below average, and the southernmost part is to be above averages. This winter is said to be, “Colder than last year, but not colder than usual.”

Along with fluctuating temperatures, meteorologists are calling for more precipitation than normal. This could mean snow for some, and rain for others. Many are saying that the cause of these unusual weather patterns is La Nina. La Nina is the cooling of water in the Pacific Ocean that occurs at irregular intervals and associates with widespread changes in weather.

How will these new weather patterns affect the people of America? Well, for the Northern Hemisphere, there may be more snowfall, which may lead to cancellation of school, and/or two-hour delays, cutting in to educational time and resulting in make-up days. Snowfall may shut down roads and cause accidents and loss of life. Also, the snow can cause power outages. Children can be forced to stay inside do to freezing temperatures, as well.

For the southern hemisphere, the rain can cause floods, ruining homes and the loss of life. Too much rain can also result in mudslides, in which California has been suffering for some time; loss of life, cars being moved to the ocean, homes being destroyed. Too much erosion can cause loss of fertility and effect the crops the following spring, causing food shortages, and starvation.

It’s hard to believe that the slightest difference in weather patterns can cause so much damage and death. Stay warm, stay safe, carry an umbrella, and always be careful. This winter is almost over, and America can make it.