Cadet of the Month – December


Daisha Spiece

Editors Kariah White and Jashawn Banks giving sophomore Aaron Dupree his Cadet of the Month award

Lt. Col. Thomas Emery, Contributing Writer

The Cadet of the Month for December is Aaron Dupree.  He is a self-starter who requires little supervision.  He is a superb leader, cadet and motivates those around him to be better citizens.  He currently is a squad leader in Bravo Company 2nd platoon.  He is one of 10 chosen from 160 cadets (only 25 slots) in the Knight Battalion to have received advanced leadership training at the weeklong JROTC Cadet Leadership 2017 Challenge at Fort A. P.  Hill, Virginia.   He is a member of the Knight  Raider team which competes against other schools in a one day event with the following Core Events-Modified Physical Fitness Test, Land Navigation Course, One-Rope Bridge, 5-Kilometer Road March, and First Aid.   

He has superb bearing and an outstanding appearance in his uniform.  His personal magnetism is evident by his ability to motivate the younger cadets to do their absolute best.  He has received numerous JROTC awards, the highest being the Superior Cadet award as a Freshman.  He serves in his church and the community in many mentoring and service projects. He has over 40 hours of community service and maintains 3.7 GPA.