Photo courtesy of aeon.co

 “Truly there would be reason to go mad were it not for music”


Orchestra is a sort of sanctuary for music lovers to go and make music without being denigrated. I found that it’s something about making exquisite sounds draws out certain emotions. It brings out that vehement side of you that you never thought existed. And by joining orchestra you can learn how to play the instrument the truly speaks to you.

   Mr. Jacobs, the orchestra conductor, is by far mine and many others favorite orchestra teacher we’ve had. He not only teaches you how to play your instrument, but he gets hands-on and makes you better.

   As you may know, there was a concert on December 13 for all the music departments. The concert was a huge success thanks to our excellent conductor, who gave us the wonderful music that some of you may have heard. The orchestra classes did have their weaknesses though, like intination, wrong notes, etc. they’re always trying our best to improve and believe me they have.