Ask Daisha – January

Daisha Spiece, Staff Writer

Ask Daisha is an advice column where people can submit anonymous questions and/or things they need advice on, and Daisha will post the questions along with her best advice (no names will ever be posted)


How to get someone off your mind?


    Just like everything in life, it takes time. The more you try to forget, the more you remember. Eventually you will move on to bigger and better things that will steer your focus into other directions. Until then, you need to find that “thing” that will help you move onto bigger and better things. There are going to be times when you think about them but when you can think about them and not feel some type of way is when you know you’re progressing. You have to accept the situation and that you’re going to have your moments. Another tip is to distance yourself from that person and cut off all communication. It’ll help you heal more quickly.


How do I get people to accept that I am gay?


    Nobody has to accept who you are. However, the ones who struggle even the slightest bit to accept anything about you, don’t deserve you. Think of it as an eye-opening situation that shows you who you shouldn’t have in your life. I know how hard it is to really care about someone and to always want to do things that will please them, but you have to draw the line when you’re putting in more effort than they are. The people who naturally like you for you without even thinking twice are the types of people who you need to surround yourself with. Basically, don’t try to fit in, don’t try to get people to like you, and don’t try to force anybody to like you. The best people will come into your life naturally and will love you for you.


My ex doesn’t go to this school but still loves me and talks to me. But him and my “good friend” are talking, please help.


    Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you have to be with them. If he and your “good friend” are talking then he either a) is trying to get over you by being with someone else or b) is trying to make you jealous because that is, like you said, your “good friend.” Never get caught up with someone who likes you and another person at the same time because they’re only going to play with your emotions. It shows you that they’re indecisive , which will result in them eventually having to choose one or the other. One of you is liable to get hurt if you don’t stop it before it gets to that. Also, if your “good friend” doesn’t care that he is your ex then he/she doesn’t respect you. You guys should go your separate ways and don’t let either of their actions bother you.


I’m in a relationship that is distant, but I’m starting to like someone that I can see daily. What should I do?

   If you’re finding yourself interested in a new person while you already have a significant other, you probably shouldn’t be in that relationship. You’re going to end up hurting the person you’re in a relationship with if you don’t end it sooner rather than later. Maybe you’re missing out on the attention and affection in a relationship since it’s long distance, which is understandable. Chances are you’re going to continue to fall for the person you see daily so the sooner you end either of the relationships the better. You should explain the situation to your partner and tell them you just don’t feel the same anymore or tell the person you’re starting to like that what you’re doing is wrong. Trust your gut feeling just do not go back and forth and play with their



I hope I helped all of you!